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Whether you need corporate branding, marketing, illustration or surface pattern design, I can help! Please take a look at my portfolios to see examples of my work. 


I've been working in corporate graphic design for almost 20 years. I've worked with small to large clients who are wanting my simple, clean style for their projects.

I have a strong affirmation for package design from the creation of the logo to the layout of the packaging. I really enjoy seeing the final pieces once they're printed. Whether it's a need for a logo, retail packaging, or both, I can help your vision for your brand come to life in design. 

Corporate Branding

From a very young age I've had a passion for drawing & painting. My illustration style is simple, sweet and playful. I love taking my illustrations and paintings to the computer to give them more life with color and definition. As an adult my girls are the inspiration for much of my subject matter, bringing an innocence of childhood into my work that I love so much. 

Illustration & Watercolor

I can't wait to hear from you! 

Oh So Chic Designs was created in 2010 after I had been working in design for quite a few years. I have been so fortunate to work with some of the most amazing clients. I would love the opportunity to talk with you more about your needs in design - whether they are related to corporate branding, packaging, surface pattern design, illustration or watercolor.