New Wedding Expo Booth Display

By Rebecca

So, at the last minute I decided to participate in a wedding expo in Marlborough, MA. In the past I had simply displayed on tables, like you see from our first expo last year, however, I’ve been around and I’ve seen some amazing stuff and since I’ve participated in my fare share. . .so I wanted something amazing and beautiful! Something that would showcase my colors and branding, but most importantly, my designs! It was so important to me that the invitations be front and center and easy for guests to get to.

That being said, I had an amazing vision in my head – however, as a designer I get those often and they don’t always work out as I’d like them to. When you’re making something yourself, though, I’ve discovered that it’s much easier to get what you want! My vision was a booth that could be 6′, 8′ or 10′ – I wanted shelves on the front and I wanted it to have shelves down the sides, so I’d have an opportunity to display more work. So, I told my husband what I wanted and that I needed it by the following Saturday – the look I received wasn’t in my favor, but I told him I was doing it and that it would probably look better if he helped. So, I bought all of the materials and placed them into my tiny little Yaris – yes, I did fit those big pieces of wood in my car and the trunk almost closed. I must admit that it took two trips to the store to get them. For paint, I’m really a fan of the Lowe’s Valspar paint, so I bought white and pink paint and then I got to work painting! There were quite a few layers that needed to be painted. After 2 days of painting, everything was ready to go – by this I mean the painting was done! My husband had already done a fitting with the walls while I was running errands and dealing with my dead battery at Lowes (that is not a story for now). We ended up just hoping it would all work and we drove it over to the hotel to set it up – we were able to get the walls together before we had to leave, but we realized before we left that we forgot the chair rail – oops! We just went back in the morning and finished setting up – everything went great! I did not know there was going to be pink carpet. . .

My husband and I brainstormed all week and there were multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowes to find the best idea. There were items that were purchased and returned, but in the end it was sturdy and beautiful! I absolutely LOVE how it came out and while the past few days were stressful, we received so many wonderful comments at the wedding expo and I’m excited to have it set up in my studio now (well, part of it – it’s pretty big!). I will be changing up the signage in the middle to be more prettier, but I haven’t fully decided what I’d like that to be, yet. Below are a few more pictures of the booth. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!




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