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Family Photo Shoot | Penelope’s Newborn Photos

By Rebecca

Oh my goodness – where to begin. I was so exhausted after Penelope was born and overwhelmed with the idea of having newborn photos done of her. I think I was torn between having posed shots and having more natural photos with natural lighting. I JUST COULDN’T DECIDE! I am so lucky to know and have worked with so many photographers and they are each so very talented – how did I choose?

Well, when Penelope was 1 month old, it was time and I was so lucky to see Theresa from Johnson Photography at one of our monthly wedding group meetings. We met through the Boston Wedding Group, which we both belong to. Her work is absolutely stunning for weddings and families. She also does corporate events – and I’m absolutely positive that she makes those events just as much fun!

One of the greatest things that I will praise her for was making my 16 year old daughter feel completely comfortable. Madeline was so nervous about how to hold Penelope or if her smile was right, or her hair – but no matter what her concern, Theresa was right there to ease them. For me, it was such a relief, as I hadn’t even finished getting myself ready because I hadn’t had any sleep the night before, so I was moving a bit slow.

Overall, she was the perfect photographer and I can’t recommend her enough! Whether you’re getting married, need family photos or have a need for a corporate photographer in the Boston area, you should really¬†check out her website! Did I mention she was amazing and so easy to work with?

Here are a few of the absolutely beautiful photos she took. I love that she thought to use some sentimental props, such as my baby blanket that my grandmother made for me and we also used our bed as a backdrop in quite a few of the photos.

Dolan Family Newborn Photos 2

Dolan Family Newborn Photos

If you want to see more of Theresa’s wonderful work, please check out her website! She is truly amazing and I’m so glad she took Penelope’s first photographs – they were everything we wanted. Thank you so much Theresa, for capturing such a special time for us!

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