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Seasonal Wish List for Baby

By Rebecca

With baby girl coming this week, I was finalizing what I need for her and decided that with all my research, maybe you’d like some ideas for gifts or for yourself as you’re preparing for baby, too. So, let me share a few of my favorite new items with you – you would think that with 3 babies in under 3 years that I would have everything. . .but I don’t. I’m pretty conservative about what I buy for each baby and there are some items I’ve wanted since Penelope or some items that are new, as well as things I’ve found I can’t live without. So, let’s get started!




1. ErgoBaby Adapt – 3 Position Child Carrier
I love a good baby carrier and while my Uppababy Vista is an amazing stroller, I think this baby is going to need to get used to being in a carrier because that’s where I see her spending a lot of time. So, when I saw this amazing new carrier by Ergo, I knew I had to have it. You can put your newborn in it WITHOUT an infant insert. How amazing is that! It’s definitely going to replace some of my other carriers because that feature is exactly what I need. It’s a 3-position carrier, so you can carry baby facing out, but that’s okay. The ability to use it without an insert makes up for that!

2. Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor
This new baby monitor is a little sock that fits on your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate and oxygen. Piece of mind while my new baby is sleeping is exactly what I need. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up just to check to make sure my little one is still breathing – yes, I’m THAT mom! I LOVE that you can monitor baby right on your iphone using their app. I always have my phone with me, so for me this is a great fit!

3. Fridababy NoseFrida
Okay, so I already have the NoseFrida and I’ll admit that when I first saw it when Penelope was a baby I thought it was really gross. . .but I’ve since changed my mind. I will say that the girls haven’t loved it, but it gets so much junk out of their noses and with less effort and irritation. I think it’s a must have for every parent of babies. I promise it’s not gross.

4. Clek Foonf
The Clek Foonf is my go-to car seat for my toddlers. I move them to this seat as soon as they turn one. I love the fact that I can keep them rear-facing for an extended amount of time and that it has exceptional safety features. Installation is easy – whether it’s using the rigid-LATCH or the seatbelt with the lock-offs. The only downside is that it weighs a lot. For me, this is okay because I don’t move our seats around, so unless we’re traveling I don’t notice the weight.

5. DockATot
This new baby lounger and sleep positioner is perfect for little ones. Because I have a one year old and a two year old, I’m constantly running from room to room and sometimes I’m looking for something comfy to put baby in. . .this is ideal because it’s lightweight and easy to move. I also love that it grows with your baby, so it works great for tummy time or diaper changes and the cover is removable, washable and replaceable, if needed.

6. Nuna PIPA Infant Seat
This is my favorite car seat when my babies are little. It’s the lightest seat on the market and I’ve used it for all of my girls. It comes with the newborn insert that helps keep them in place and safe when they’re itty bitty and it also has a privacy cover – which I love because it’s mesh, so you can see baby and baby can see you, but they’re safe from the elements or from other people who may mean well with their curiosity, but maybe it’s just a little too close for comfort for you! The base can be installed in seconds – literally! It also has a load leg on the base, which means the base is really heavy, but if you’re in an accident it helps keep the seat from moving. When we travel, we don’t bring the base, we just use a seatbelt and install the seat using that.

7. Uppababy Vista
3 under 3 means I need a stroller that can multi-task and this is the one. You can configure this stroller so many ways – you can use the regular seat and the rumble seat, or add the car seat or bassinet using the adapters and I can have Penelope stand in the back on the Piggyback. It has some accessories for baby and for you. I really like the snack tray for the seats, but I hope they improve the mom organizer because it’s not my favorite. The new 2016 Ub is gorgeous and while I won’t be upgrading my 2015, I sure would like to!

8. Ubbi Diaper Pail
We have 2 of these – one upstairs and one downstairs. There are a couple of things I love about this diaper pail and they’re the reason we went with this one over the others. First, you don’t have to use proprietary bags, so once you buy the pail, you don’t have to buy anything else. Second and most important, the pail is a powder coated steel and rubber seals you won’t have to worry about odors. If you ask my husband, there’s not much I dislike more than smells of any kind – especially diapers. I will say that yes, you do smell the diapers for just a minute when you open the lid to put your dirty diaper in, but this quickly dissipates.

9. Timi & Leslie Metro Diaper Bag
I have been on the hunt for a new diaper bag and I have a few things that I love about my current bag and definitely want in my new bag, but there are also some features that I would prefer to have, that don’t currently exist on my new bag. I organize my diaper bag using little bags inside my diaper bag (I’ll do a post on that because it helps so much when you need to find something), but I still love having pockets to hold sippy cups and bottles and other things. This bag has 6 inside pockets and 3 outside pockets! That’s a lot of pockets, and perfect for me. I really like that this bag has a flap to cover the top because my girls like to go through my bag and empty it all over. . .which is not good when I’m in a hurry. I also prefer to have a shoulder strap, which my bag has and this one does, as well. The Barcelona color is so pretty and it looks like it will hold up really well.

One of the first things we need before this baby comes this week was a new car seat, so I ordered another Clek Foonf from Baby Cubby a couple of weeks ago and let me just tell you that their website is so easy to navigate. I signed up for their email list and got an additional 10% off of my order and because it was over $49, I also got free shipping. It shipped that same day – I ordered on a Friday and it arrived the following Wednesday! That’s so fast.

I love finding new small businesses to support – especially since I’m also one. Finding one that understands my needs as a mom and the fact that I want quality products and exceptional service isn’t always easy. The big baby stores don’t seem to be able to explain much about their products and I’ve always struggled shopping there. I really prefer buying from a company who educates their employees and encourages and inspires parents – it’s HARD to be a parent – I’ll take all the encouragement I can get.

What makes Baby Cubby different? I know you can shop anywhere – even Amazon and you might even find a product for less, but I found out that they will price matches – yes, they’ll even match Amazon! I don’t know about you, but if I can get everything in one place without having to pay more, then that’s what I’ll do. They offer free shipping over $49 everyday and I really liked that my order shipped the same day! You can shop in their store (I totally wish we had a store in Massachusetts) and if you spend over $49 you get a free 10 minute massage – um YES! Oh and if you are in Utah and you shop in their store – they offer drive-up shopping where you can stay in your car and one of their associates will come to your car and you can order what you want and they bring it to you. Say what? I can go shopping, leave my kids in their car seats and have someone bring me what I need? Yes, yes, yes! You can obviously shop online and over the phone and they’ll also bring you your order. I’m obviously not local to them, but even online shopping was a breeze.

Check them out yourself. You can shop at or if you’re in Utah, you can shop their store in Lindon. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Family Photo Shoot | Penelope’s Newborn Photos

By Rebecca

Oh my goodness – where to begin. I was so exhausted after Penelope was born and overwhelmed with the idea of having newborn photos done of her. I think I was torn between having posed shots and having more natural photos with natural lighting. I JUST COULDN’T DECIDE! I am so lucky to know and have worked with so many photographers and they are each so very talented – how did I choose?

Well, when Penelope was 1 month old, it was time and I was so lucky to see Theresa from Johnson Photography at one of our monthly wedding group meetings. We met through the Boston Wedding Group, which we both belong to. Her work is absolutely stunning for weddings and families. She also does corporate events – and I’m absolutely positive that she makes those events just as much fun!

One of the greatest things that I will praise her for was making my 16 year old daughter feel completely comfortable. Madeline was so nervous about how to hold Penelope or if her smile was right, or her hair – but no matter what her concern, Theresa was right there to ease them. For me, it was such a relief, as I hadn’t even finished getting myself ready because I hadn’t had any sleep the night before, so I was moving a bit slow.

Overall, she was the perfect photographer and I can’t recommend her enough! Whether you’re getting married, need family photos or have a need for a corporate photographer in the Boston area, you should really check out her website! Did I mention she was amazing and so easy to work with?

Here are a few of the absolutely beautiful photos she took. I love that she thought to use some sentimental props, such as my baby blanket that my grandmother made for me and we also used our bed as a backdrop in quite a few of the photos.

Dolan Family Newborn Photos 2

Dolan Family Newborn Photos

If you want to see more of Theresa’s wonderful work, please check out her website! She is truly amazing and I’m so glad she took Penelope’s first photographs – they were everything we wanted. Thank you so much Theresa, for capturing such a special time for us!

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Little Lamb Nursery

By Rebecca

I think choosing the nursery decor was definitely one of my easier decisions before we had Penelope. I wanted something cute and neutral. The nursery is beige, so I wanted to make sure it would look nice and not overwhelm the space.

When I saw the lamb nursery bedding at Pottery Barn Kids, I knew it was perfect. . .so we registered for it. I loved how sweet the little lambs were on everything and I was absolutely in LOVE with the lamb rocker! That was a definite must have – it’s just so cute!

Since I photographed everything, we’ve changed it up a bit – because that’s how I am. I feel like I can be a little indecisive at times – maybe not indecisive, as much as I have an idea or design in my head and I work on it slowly until I find all the pieces I need. We added the white glider from Pottery Barn Kids – I chose not to use an ottoman. We also changed out the white area rug we had originally purchased with an adorable pink area rug from Pottery Barn Kids. The white one was adorable, but it got dirty really quickly and I didn’t like how that looked – especially since we don’t wear shoes in our house.

I will say that the crib took me all 9 months to decide on. My husband wanted a convertible crib and I just wanted something pretty that would fit in our space. We own a Cape Cod style house, so our walls on the second floor are all angled and the nursery needed to fit in a small space – making furniture a bit of a challenge at times. I ended up going with a crib from Babies R Us – I really had my eye set on a Pottery Barn crib, but in the end, I really did like the detail and the styling of the one we chose – I really liked that the front of the crib was a little lower, since I’m fairly petite and didn’t want to have problems getting to her.

The little bunny slippers are not lamb themed, but they were just so cute, I had to buy them.

Little Lamb Nursery CollageFor her clothes, we needed to be a little creative, since we didn’t have a closet for her, so we built a shelf / hanging bar and I LOVE how it came out. Baby clothes are so adorable and hanging them out in the open just adds to the room, I think.


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