Monday Favorites!

By Rebecca

In the past two years my life has changed so much. I have these two adorable little girls that have joined our family and there are so many fun things that I use for myself that I love, but with the girls, I have to say that there are SO MANY things that make life so much easier. So, I thought I’d write a quick post about a few of these things and hopefully you find it helpful if you’re expecting a little one, have a little one or just love cool things!


1. 4moms Mamaroo – this has saved my life. Penelope wouldn’t sit in a regular baby swing, so we exchanged it for this one and she was sound asleep in seconds. I keep it in the living room and Magnolia hangs out and watches Penelope play, sleeps or plays with the little monsters on the built-in mobile that hangs above. It has built in white noise and the are multiple bounce options, so if they’re not happy with one, try another.

2. Nuna Pipa – this the car seat that we’ve used for both girls. It’s the lightest weight seat on the market (or it was 2 years ago when we bought it). It also has a built in privacy screen – we had to exchange our original, though, and unfortunately, the magnets that hold the fabric down isn’t as strong on our new one, so it doesn’t work as well as it did on our original, which is a bummer. I’ve tried multiple others and the magnets seemed plenty strong on those, though, so I’m sure ours is a fluke. One of the other reasons we bought it was the 5 seconds it takes to install it into the car – no kidding! It also has a load leg, which helps keep it stable if you’re ever in an accident.

3. UPPAbaby Vista – this is our second stroller. We had the Bugaboo Cameleon with Penelope, but needed a double stroller with the two girls and I didn’t love the Donkey. . .so we went with the Vista. I’ll be honest here – I really liked the quality of the Bugaboo better, but the UPPAbaby has some features that I’m in love with and they have phenomenal customer service! Some of my favorite features are the brake – I can use my foot and even wear flip flops because you just step on it to lock and then again to unlock! The one-handed recline is great! I love that I just use one hand on the back of the seat and I can lay my girls back or sit them up. The basket!!!!! Did I use enough exclamation points? The basket is HUGE! I love that I can use the stroller to grocery shop and just put the groceries in the basket or I can store all of my shopping bags or whatever else I want. There’s enough room. Because it’s an inline stroller, it’s the size of a (large) regular stroller and I can take it shopping and I hardly have any problems getting in and out – the back wheels are large and the stroller is wide there, so I occasionally run into things because I don’t realize. Oops. Oh and my two year old loves the sun shade. Even though it’s April, it’s apparently still winter here in New England, so we haven’t walked outside with the stroller more than a couple of times, but she enjoyed not having the sun in her eyes.

4. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play – we’ve used this for both girls and kept them next to our bed while they’re small at night. We actually went on a little staycation for Penelope’s second birthday, and we forgot the Rock ‘n Play, so my husband was kind enough to run to Target and pick one up because I can’t imagine putting her in the pack and play that they dropped off in the bedroom. My husband came back with this awesome high tech version that rocks itself! OMG I love it even more and I didn’t know that was possible. I swaddle her and put her in it and she sleeps amazingly well.

5. ergobaby swaddler – all I can say is that I swaddle Magnolia and she immediately snuggles up to me and falls asleep. She loves being swaddled – and I love that it calms her down when she’s fussy or tired. I swaddled Penelope with blankets and she would always break free and they didn’t calm her down like the Ergobaby swaddles.

6. NoseFrida – I’m going to be honest. . .when I first heard about this I was slightly grossed out, but then I was enlightened and it’s not gross, at all. It doesn’t go in their nose at all, but it does such a great job of getting a lot of the snot out. This is leaps and bounds better than the bulb they give you in the hospital and even though the girls don’t love it while I’m doing it, I can tell that they feel better immediately. It comes apart for cleaning and they sell replacement filters to keep the germs away.

7. Nuby Sippy Cups – it’s so hard to find sippy cups that don’t leak and I think they all do to some extent, but we really like these ones and they have a silicon spout – which is great, since she chews on it! It also doesn’t have any parts that might get gross – just pop the silicon piece out of the lid, wash it and put it back in place. They’re also insulated, so it keeps their drink colder, longer.

8. Clek Foonf – we put Penelope in the Clek Foonf car seat. It’s a massive seat, but it’s extremely safe and has awesome fabric that allows liquid to roll off and stains to wipe off! It also allows you to leave them rear facing longer than any other seat. Because we have two little girls, we knew we’d have 2 car seats in the back of our car for a long time – this seat is only 17″, allowing for 3 seats to fit in the back. Our infant seat is really wide, so I look forward to being able to add another Foonf later this year.

9. Vitamix – this isn’t a baby favorite – it’s a mommy favorite, but I use it to make baby food, too. I also use it to whip up hot soups, ice cream and super smooth smoothies. I really can’t imagine not having this in the house.

10. Beco Baby Carrier – I have both the Gemini and the Soleil and I like them both for different things. Magnolia is really so tiny right now, so I tend to use the Soleil because it has the infant insert, but once she is a little bigger and we’re out and about, I’ll use the Gemini more because she can face out – which I know she’ll love! This is both a love for me and for baby because I love having my hands free, but she enjoys being carried and this is a great compromise for both of us. Because I’m petite, I’m not going to lie – this is a larger carrier and I wish I had one that was a bit smaller, so it didn’t overwhelm me. . .but overall, I’m happy with my Becos.

I hope you find some fun products that you didn’t know about before or that I helped you decide if you were on the fence if something was a good purchase. Obviously, these are things that I love, but I realize that not everyone else does – these opinions are all my own. These are items I purchased on my own and was not asked to share my opinion by any of these companies. Happy shopping!


Easter Breakfast: Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding

By Rebecca

I look for easy & delicious meals to make for breakfast or brunch on the weekends. It’s the only time the entire family is home and I feel like yummy food brings my 18 year old out of her room and my husband gets something to eat before he gets busy.

One of my favorite meals is the Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding that I’ve adapted slightly from Two Peas and Their Pod and I’ve added the recipe below. One of the things I love most about this bread pudding is that it doesn’t take much time to prepare and it doesn’t have to soak overnight. It was great for our Easter morning after the girls went through their baskets (or in Penelope’s case, her doll bed). I hope you love it as much as we do!

The combination of raspberries, chocolate and bread is perfect! We always have extra chocolate drizzle left over and my husband finds other uses for that – such as chocolate milk. I haven’t tried this, yet, so I’m not sure.

Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding

Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding

yield: 8-10 SERVINGS  |  prep time: 15 MINUTES  |  cook time: 40 MINUTES |  total time: 60 MINUTES


For the Bread Pudding:
1 loaf day old bread,cut into 1 in. squares (about 8 cups) – I use farmhouse style bread from the bakery
2 cups milk (I use whatever type we have on hand)
1 cup heavy cream
3 large eggs, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
1 (6 oz) package fresh Driscoll’s raspberries, divided
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

For the Chocolate Sauce:
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 tablespoon butter
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


1. Preheat oven to 350°F

2. Put the bread cubes in a large bowl. Combine the heavy cream and milk. Pour over the bread and let sit until the bread soaks up milk mixture.

3. In a separate bowl, combine eggs, sugar, brown sugar, and vanilla.

4. Pour melted butter into the bottom of a 9×13 in. baking pan. Coat the bottom and the sides of the pan with the melted butter. Pour in the bread mixture and top with 1/2 cup of raspberries. Pour the egg and sugar mixture over the top of the bread and raspberries. Top with remaining raspberries and the chocolate chips.

Once you remove the bread pudding from the oven, it can be served immediately onto plates and drizzled with the chocolate sauce and topped with a few extra raspberries.


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It’s been awhile. . .

By Rebecca

Hello! I’m so sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been so busy with work projects and with the girls. I’ve thought so much about the blog and while I didn’t intentionally ignore it, I felt writing this post would be a daunting task because I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure where I wanted things to go or exactly how I wanted my business to grow.

I have been so lucky because I’ve truly had THE BEST clients over the years – both corporate, as well as stationery. I LOVE what I do so much and I truly love all of my clients. That being said, I knew I had to make some changes, but I really didn’t know what those would be because I didn’t want to – but I have to!

In the past two years I have had two beautiful baby girls and I adore them. I love watching Penelope soak in every little bit of life that surrounds her. She is a ray of sunshine and hope for the future. I’m still getting to know Magnolia, but I imagine she’s going to be a lot of fun, too. My time with them is so precious and because of that, I have decided to limit the number of custom wedding projects I take to 4 per year – now these will be spread throughout the year because I can’t do them all at once. For corporate projects (logos, branding, marketing materials, etc.), I am taking on as much as clients can give me and for smaller stationery projects (birthdays invitations, shower invitations, etc) I am limiting those to 10 per year. Just because I’m limiting my projects, doesn’t mean I can’t help you. Please feel free to email me at because I may have space available or cancelations or if I feel like I have enough time to do your project, I would absolutely love to work with you. I also offer predesigned invitations that I have created that you can choose from, or I offer books that you can look through (or I can send you a link to look online). In addition, I offer party supplies, such as paper straws, printed napkins, wrapping paper, boxes, etc. and monogrammed stationery and gifts. I’m also always happy to sell you envelopes or other supplies, so you can work on projects, as well. Just email me! My online shop will be stocked up soon and some items you’ll be able to purchase directly from my website!

The reason I’m limiting my projects is because I LOVE what I do and I only want to give you the best products and my attention. I want to meet deadlines and I don’t want to be stressed. I also want to spend time with my girls and enjoy them while they’re small because they’re only small once!

I want to keep up with the blog, so I plan on posting some fun tutorials for projects and activities for kids. I also plan to start sharing about some of my favorite products – for babies and for me. I hope I can show you some interesting and fun things that you can enjoy and possibly some recipes that you can try out! Of course I’ll also share some design work along the way, too.

Thank you for being with me on this great journey! I’ve loved every minute and hope to be able to spend more time with you!



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