Customized Swatchbook Wedding Invitations

By Rebecca

I have to start out by telling you how much I love designing invitations. I have always loved small, cute things and if you mix that love with my desire to create things, then you have my daily life. When I was a graduate student working on my thesis, my professors really wanted me to make large posters and pretty much anything large – but being the rebel I am, I focused my energy on invitations and the love that I have for working with paper and came up with unique and creative ways to showcase my ideas.

One of the ideas I developed was the Swatchbook Wedding Invitation you see below. The reasons I love this invitation are:
1. They are so versatile because you can add or remove pages without changing the design
2. The layout is so fantastic! All the information for the event is in one packet – this is actually one of my favorite parts of this invitation
3. It can be changed for everyone and never looks the same for any event!

This invitation is by far my most popular and I it’s so much fun to customize it for each couple and their event. While I started designing locally, these invitations have become popular around the globe. I’ll work on posting stories about some of the invitations I’ve worked on – including the one pictured above for Rebecca and Michael and hopefully you find them as fun and unique as I do.

As you can see from the examples below, the invitation can really be customized for each wedding and no two look the same. The last page of the book style invitation is the response card that tears off and is mailed back.

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Ben & Rebecca | Boston, MA by Oh So Chic Designs

By Rebecca

So, I figured the first post should be about my wedding last summer. I had so much fun planning my wedding! I was able to be so creative and customize everything just as I wanted it. Our ceremony was at the Boston Public Garden and we were married under a gorgeous weeping willow tree. The weather was phenomenal and nearly everything went as planned.

Our reception was held in an old,  rehabilitated warehouse in Cambridge, MA. The day and night before the wedding was spent setting up for our reception. I can’t say enough about how much I loved the location and the wonderful floor to ceiling windows.

Creating the invitations for my wedding was so difficult for me because I do this for a living, so there were just too many options for me – but once I decided to create a book, I knew it was going to be amazing. Inside the book, I created corners to hold hold the invitation on the right side and a pocket to hold all the additional cards. I created a custom monogram and die-cut for the front and added the ribbon for a touch of color and elegance. The fuchsia and complimenting pinks were a great choice and I added white to balance everything out.

The chandelier you see is made from paper and I’ll probably do a how-to for that in the coming weeks. It was really easy and affordable to make. So, if you’re interested in making one, feel free to email me or look for a post coming soon!


Invitations: Oh So Chic Designs
Cake: Yum Bunnies Cakery

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By Rebecca

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! This is where I’ll post projects I’m currently working on. I’ll also share with you some great eye candy from the web and beyond and some fun projects that you can create, as well.

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